The group is comprised of a women from around the Washington D.C. Metro area ranging in ages from 22 to 45 with varied backgrounds. Lawyers, event planners, communication experts, doctors, real estate agents..our members each bring a unique perspective and life experience to the group, which benefits us all.

Membership is limited to 40 women through invitation only. Please email us if you’d like to hear about upcoming recruitment events for open positions. If there are no current openings, we still encourage you to get involved through support for our volunteer and fund-raising events.

2015-2016 Board 

President – Channing Muller

Vice President – Lauren Flowers

Finance Chair – Mary-Morgan Limperis

Membership Coordinator – Sukanya Mukherjee

Service Coordinator – Olivia Merlino

Social Media Manager – Allison Steely

Founder – Cailin Monahan

  • Karina Bjelland
  • Julie Crockett*
  • Christine Dwulet*
  • Marie Finnegan
  • Marie Gurka*
  • Sarah Hamilton
  • Erin Hatten*
  • Suzanne Houle
  • Sadie Jonath
  • Stacy Lautar
  • Katherine Limperis
  • Tara Mahoney
  • Lindsay Mamula
  • Sarah McDonald*
  • Nora Shuler
  • Amy Thomas *
  • Pamela Watson*
  • Jackie Gray

   * Emeritus Members